About Kashi Irrigation

KASHI Irrigation is a large supplier of irrigation, waterworks and heating materials and equipment for agriculture, horticulture, landscape, gardening and construction in Europe, which also exports and provides irrigation services worldwide.


Our products are used for:

– Crop production;

– Fruit production;

– Animal husbandry;

– Mushroom production;

– Greenhouses and nurseries;

– Landscape, turf and parks;

– Sport fields e.g. golf courses, tennis courts, soccer field, horse-riding schools;

– Residential gardening;

– Utility, industry and housing.


To the great satisfaction of our customers, we supply our products to gardeners, growers, gardeners, farmers, water heating installers and fitters, retail and wholesale since 1992. All our products have proven themselves in practice and meet the highest quality standards, so success is guaranteed.


Our main products are:

– Driplines, drippers and polyethylene tube;

– Sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, foggers;

– Various types of hoses and pipes, fittings and accessories;

– Manifolds, timers, valves and faucets;

– Pumps and filters;

– Alupex pipes and associated fittings and tools.


A complete overview of our standard products can be found on this website. Most of the listed  items we have in stock and therefore we can deliver them quickly. On request we can also deliver or produce items not listed on our website. For this purpose, please contact us by phone or by email.


In addition, we provide special services to meet the growing demand of our customers and to assure successful use of our materials and equipment. These special services are listed below. For these, please also contact us by phone or by email.


Our special services are:

– Feasibility studies;

– Irrigation advice;

– Irrigation design;

– Irrigation research;

– Project supplies and international transport;

– Turn-key projects.


We are agent of METZERPLAS, EIN DOR, ELGO, GALCON, TECHNORAM and Sagiv. In addition, we also supply items include NETAFIM, RAIN BIRD, HUNTER, NELSON and JAIN NAAN DAN.