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LEV Manifold


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General :

A new method of constructing systems for conducting and distributing water which also combines valves that allow the opening and shutting of each line independently of each other.
The system, which has a modular structure of items making up the manifold, permits the assembly of an unlimited number of taps or outlets by removing or adding manifold units.


Purpose :

This system permits the connection of a large number of taps without fear of leakages at the junction of the various components of the manifold and forms a compact, effective and stable arrangement for distributing liquids to different outlets while controlling the flow of liquid in every line.

Useful examples :

>  Horticulture – system head.

>  Agriculture – distribution of water to branches in greenhouses.

>  Industry – distribution of water to lines in the soap and food industries.


Operating Principle :

The connection between the parts of the manifold is implemented by its square form which includes a central cavity for conducting the liquid as well as four holes (one at each corner) which allow the threaded studs to pass through them and to fasten all parts of the manifold into one battery.

There is an O-ring on the external wall of the liquid conducting cavity, which ensures absolute sealing and an absence of leaks between the manifold components.


The parts which make up the manifold :

  1. Inlet adapter
  2. Tap
  3. Spacer
  4. Blank
  5. Threaded studs for fastening
Additional Information
Manifold Size (inch)

1", 1 1/2" (On Request), 2" (On Request)

Manifold Type

Simple Outlet, Twin Outlet (Cross), Valve with Outlet, On Request

Inlet Type

Adapter 1"M (axial) (On Request), Adapter 3/4"F (axial) (On Request), Adapter with Coupling 1"F (axial), Adapter with Coupling 1"F (radial), Final Adapter with O-ring (axial) (On Request), On Request

Outlet Type

Thread 3/4"M, Coupling 1"F, Coupling 1 1/2"F, Coupling 2"F, On Request

Number of Outlets

1×1-way, 1×2-way, 2×1-way, 2×2-way, 3×1-way, 3×2-way, 4×1-way, 4×2-way, 5×1-way, 5×2-way, 6×1-way, 6×2-way, 8×1-way, 10×1-way, 12×1-way, On Request


Normal (53 mm), Short (35 mm), On Request

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